Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Stags Win 1949 NBA Title

NBA Simulation: An Alternative History

The Chicago Stags capped off their dominant regular season with a dominant playoff run to capture the NBA title becoming the first champion in NBA history.

The Stags would lose just two playoff games as the blitzed to the title and were led by Max Zaslofsky who led the Stags in scoring during the playoffs at 17.8 ppg

1949 Playoff Brackets

1st RoundConference FinalsLeague Finals
#1 Chicago0
#1 Chicago4
#3 Minneapolis1
#2 Rochester1
#3 Minneapolis3
#1 New York1
#1 Chicago4
#2 Syracuse3
#3 Baltimore0
#2 Syracuse2
#1 New York4
#1 New York0

Monday, December 23, 2013

NFL GM Simulation: Running the Cowboys

NFL GM Simulation: Running the Cowboys

Yesterday we reviewed Front Office Football 7 and today we start a dynasty using it. Our pick is the Dallas Cowboys. I am not a Cowboys fan but I am a Tony Romo apologist. The unfair criticism that he takes has made me a fan of his. The issues with the Cowboys is that their great owner is an awful GM.

So let's just pretend that Jerry Jones has seen the error of his ways and hired me as the new Cowboys GM. His patience is not high and the great thing about the game is that I can be fired.

I did not see a way to really improve the roster as we got ready for preseason. I did need to add a third QB to the roster and I picked up the ever controversial Tim Tebow. Tebow will be on the practice squad. His work ethic and leadership is perfect for that spot on the team.

We got through preseason pretty healthy as we head into Week 1 against the Giants. Jason Witten is battling a deep thigh bruise but is expected to play and start.

Not all teams were so lucky. The Patriots were dealt a blow as Tom Brady was injured and had to have shoulder surgery. He will be gone for about 13 weeks. That definitely changes the landscape in the AFC.

As we get ready for Week 1, here is a look at the Cowboy starters.

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Lee Roy Jordan Leads the Cowboys to the Super Bowl

1967 AFL/NFL Playoff Simulation

The Dallas Cowboys are headed to Super Bowl II to face the Oakland Raiders who defeated the Houston Oilers in the AFL title game

The Cowboys avenged their loss to the Packers at home last season in the NFL title game.

This year's game was played in Lambeau Field and the weather was a factor. It was 29 degrees at kickoff but dry. A far cry from "Ice Bowl" conditions but the weather did effect both quarterbacks and their ability to throw the ball.

It was a sloppy game in which the defenses of both teams dominated. Don Meredith who wore the goat horns a year ago was fitted to wear them again this year as he threw three  interceptions in the first half and five for the game which would go into double overtime.

Bart Starr, who was huge a year ago struggled with the Cowboys pressure and also threw five interceptions. Starr was sacked eight times. One of those sacks came with 9 minutes to ago and the Packers up 14-0. Starr was sacked by Lee Roy Jordan and fumbled. Bob Lilly scooped it up and fell into the endzone to give the Cowboys their first score of the game. The Cowboys had missed several chances to score earlier in the game with missed field goals and interceptions in the red zone.

Four minutes later, the struggling Meredith who was benched for two series in the game, found Bob Hayes in the back of the endzone to tie the game at 14.

The game would go into double overtime thanks to a huge interception by Cornell Green, his second of the day. 

The Packers were driving in the second overtime and had the ball at the Cowboys 26 yard line when Lee Roy Jordan would pick off a Bart Starr pass and take it back 44 yards. The Cowboys would get the ball to the Packers 19 yard line where Harold Deters would make the game winning FG. Deters had missed from 24 yards and 33 yards earlier in the game.

The Cowboys will face the Raiders for the title and are not getting much respect. They are seven point underdogs.

1967 Playoffs - League Championship
Dallas at Green Bay
At Lambeau FieldSunday, December 31
Attendance: 70,423

Green Bay7070014

Scoring PlaysDALGNB
1st Quarter
GNB12:35Fleming 2 yard pass from Starr ( Chandler kick ) ( 3-10, 1:34 )07
3rd Quarter
GNB6:38Grabowski 3 yard run ( Chandler kick ) ( 7-77, 4:38 )014
4th Quarter
DAL9:06Lilly 1 yard fumble return ( Deters kick )714
DAL5:05Hayes 12 yard pass from Meredith ( Deters kick ) ( 6-19, 3:52 )1414
DAL7:03Deters 36 yard field goal ( 6-11, 2:41 )1714

MVP: Lee Roy Jordan (Dallas)
Defense: 12 Tkl, 1 Int, 1 Sack, Fumbles: 1 FF

Team StatisticsDALGNB
Total Points1714
1st Downs1514
3rd-Down Conversions2-205-16
4th-Down Conversions3-60-0
Red Zone Conversions29-112-1
Time Of Pos.41:0641:51
Total Net Yards272260
Total Plays9076
Average Gain3.03.4
Net Yards Rushing129121
Avg. Per Rush3.23.9
Net Yards Passing143139
Completion %39.154.1
Yards Per Completion10.09.7
Times Sacked48
Had Intercepted55
Extra Points2-22-2
Field Goals1-30-2
DallasGreen Bay

Don Perkins21803.8140Jim Grabowski14584.1231
Dan Reeves10232.380Ben Wilson5438.6290
Don Meredith6122.070Donny Anderson410.330
Walt Garrison3144.7110Elijah Pitts372.340
Bart Starr221.030
Travis Williams2189.0210

Don Meredith4117179437137523Bart Starr3720194855138538
Craig Morton5110001040

Bob Hayes69215.3371Boyd Dowler5408.090
Lance Rentzel45513.8200Ben Wilson3165.390
Don Perkins372.340Carroll Dale36822.7380
Dan Reeves393.060Jim Grabowski22512.5200
Pettis Norman2178.590Elijah Pitts2157.5100
Chuck Mercein294.570
Marv Fleming122.021
Donny Anderson199.090
Allen Brown11010.0100

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Front Office Football 7 Review

The latest version of Front Office Football was released on December 13th and it is better than ever. Every other version was great and addicting but the new version is even deeper and even more realistic.

Front Office Football won't blow you away with graphics like Madden, instead it will blow you away with realism when it comes to life as an NFL GM or coach. It is the ultimate football text based simulation. 

The game loads with accurate rosters for the 2013 season. The game does not load with actual NFL teams though. The Kansas City Chiefs are called the Kansas City Arrowheads but are red and gold and have the actual Chiefs roster. A quick edit and you can change all the team nicknames to their actual ones.

The depth of the game is amazing. I love the new emphasis on draft history. Every player in the game has their draft info listed. You can find out the year they were drafted, by who and when. You can go back in the draft board and see just how many guys are left in the league who were drafted in the third round in 2004.

You can see from below the difference between the 2004 draft and the 2013 draft.

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Another great new feature is the film room. Here you can really scout for your upcoming opponent. In the screen below I am scouting the Kansas City Chiefs and breaking down their previous game against Jacksonville.

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Here is a look at the main screen and more evidence at the depth when it comes to the stats that it tracks. You can really build up a detailed history of a league. Incredible!

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The game is incredible. It is for the true football fans! If you are looking to see how you could do running an NFL franchise then this game is for you. The game costs $36.95 but you are able to play it for free for three days to see if you like it. The game is well worth the money. It is addicting and really immerses you into this new NFL reality. The replayability of the game is off the charts.

I will be taking over as GM for the Dallas Cowboys and will be blogging about it. Stay tuned

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dolph Schayes Named MVP

NBA Simulation: An Alternative History

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The first regular season in NBA history is in the books and Dolph Schayes swept the awards. Schayes won both MVP and Rookie of the Year while leading the Syracuse Nationals to a 54-14 record.

The Nationals will be the #3 seed in the playoffs and will not get the bye as they lost out on the tie breaker with the Knicks who also had a 54-14 record

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1949 Playoff Brackets

1st RoundConference FinalsLeague Finals
#1 Chicago0
#2 Rochester0
#3 Minneapolis0
#2 Syracuse0
#3 Baltimore0
#1 New York0

1st RoundConference FinalsLeague Finals
#1 Chicago0
#2 Rochester0
#3 Minneapolis0
#2 Syracuse0
#3 Baltimore0
#1 New York0

Raiders Edge Oilers

1967 AFL/NFL Playoff Simulation

The Raiders came into the AFL title game as big favorites but barely hung on at home to defeat the Houston Oilers. The Raiders will head to Super Bowl II to face the winner of the Cowboys-Packers game.

1967 Playoffs - League Championship
Houston at Oakland
At Oakland-Alameda County ColiseumSunday, December 31
Attendance: 63,146


Scoring PlaysHOUOAK
1st Quarter
OAK11:32Cannon 21 yard pass from Lamonica ( Blanda kick ) ( 4-59, 1:47 )07
HOU3:31Wittenborn 32 yard field goal ( 10-46, 5:01 )37
2nd Quarter
HOU9:09Campbell 4 yard run ( Wittenborn kick ) ( 6-18, 3:24 )107
OAK1:30Blanda 39 yard field goal ( 4--6, 0:51 )1010
3rd Quarter
HOU6:54Campbell 1 yard run ( Wittenborn kick ) ( 7-80, 3:46 )1710
OAK1:59Wells 20 yard pass from Lamonica ( Blanda kick ) ( 9-68, 4:55 )1717
4th Quarter
OAK14:22Blanda 31 yard field goal ( 4-0, 0:28 )1720
OAK6:59Blanda 34 yard field goal ( 13-53, 5:38 )1723

MVP: Daryle Lamonica (Oakland)
Passing: 183 Yds, 2 TD, 52 Rating, Rushing: 2 Yds

Time of Possession by Quarter1st2nd3rd4thOTTotal
Team StatisticsHOUOAK
Total Points1723
1st Downs1116
3rd-Down Conversions3-136-18
4th-Down Conversions1-11-1
Red Zone Conversions21-127-1
Time Of Pos.25:4734:13
Total Net Yards182324
Total Plays5577
Average Gain3.34.2
Net Yards Rushing118153
Avg. Per Rush3.73.6
Net Yards Passing64171
Completion %27.337.5
Yards Per Completion12.015.3
Times Sacked12
Had Intercepted42
Extra Points2-22-2
Field Goals1-13-5

Hoyle Granger17935.5320Hewritt Dixon16754.7210
Woody Campbell10181.892Clem Daniels13393.0120
Roy Hopkins231.520Pete Banaszak6345.7120
Sid Blanks242.040Daryle Lamonica620.370
Pete Beathard100.000Roger Hagberg231.540

Pete Beathard226721803041Daryle Lamonica3212183212230252

Lionel Taylor22512.5230Clem Daniels22110.5110
Alvin Reed24020.0300Billy Cannon25025.0291
Sid Blanks144.040Rod Sherman22311.5130
Woody Campbell133.030Warren Wells25025.0301
Hewritt Dixon166.060
Fred Biletnikoff11616.0160
Ken Herock177.070
Roger Hagberg11010.0100