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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

1984 NFL Season: Week 1

Week One of the NFL season kicked off and it wasn't kind to the defending AFC and NFC Conference champs.

The defending champion Los Angeles Raiders were routed by the Houston Oilers and Warren Moon 31-3. Marc Wilson got the start for the Raiders at QB and had an awful day.

The defending NFC Champion Redskins were beaten badly by the Miami Dolphins and their phenom quarterback Dan Marino. Marino would throw for 381 yards and two touchdowns as the Dolphins defeated the Skins 42-24

The primetime Monday Night game featured the Cowboys on the road facing the Rams. The Cowboys gave Gary Hogeboom the start at QB over Danny White. The Cowboys struggled offensively as Tony Dorsett missed most of the game due to injury. Eric Dickerson led the Rams with over 100 yards rushing and a 21-9 win.

1987 NBA Regular Season Summary

The Boston Celtics ran away with the best record in the NBA and have locked down the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference.

They will face the New York Knicks in the first round who surprisingly made the playoffs. The Knicks missed the playoffs in the real 1986-87 season.

The Detroit Pistons fell to the #4 seed meaning that a possible second round matchup with the Celtics looms.

Out west, another surprise, as the Dallas Mavericks had the best record in the Western Conference edging out the heavily favored Los Angeles Lakers.

Michael Jordan won the scoring title easily averaging 39 points per game while Charles Barkley won the rebounding title.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Word Cup of College Football: Summary

That other World Cup just wrapped up and it is time to wrap up the World Cup of College Football. When we last left you my beloved Gamecocks were 1-0 in pool play after an impressive victory over the 1996 Florida Gators. They were just one win away from advancing to the knockout round, that win never came. The 1980 Georgia Bulldogs and some guy named Walker ran all over the Gamecocks and then the following week the Gamecocks found themselves leading early against the 1997 Tennessee Volunteers only to watch Peyton Manning bring the Vols back and end the Gamecocks run.

Below are the Week 2 and Week 3 results along with the final standings. Remember, two teams from each pool advance to the knockout round of 16 teams.

The good news as we moved into the round of 16, the 1981 Clemson Tigers would also be left behind. The game of the tournament took place between the 1993 Florida State Seminoles and the 1996 Florida Gators. The Noles would find a way to pull it out and advance to the next round.

Surprisingly none of the modern teams would be left standing as we got to the title game. My pick before it all started was the 1993 Seminoles but the final game matched up the 1945 Army Cadets against the Joe Namath led 1964 Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tide would win out and become the World Cup Champions

World Cup of College Football: Week 1

Week one is in the books and here are the results:

Week one gave us some surprises. The first is Boise State taking down the 1988 National Champs in Notre Dame. The other surprises were the 2004 USC Trojans getting beat by the 2010 Stanford Cardinal. The 2004 Trojans were thought to be one of the best teams in the field. The SEC East pool gave us some surprises as well as both national title teams lost to teams who did not win the national title.

Then there is the 1993 Florida State Seminoles. Wow!!! They blasted the Hokies. The thought going in was the 1993 Noles were the best team in this field along with the 2004 Trojans. This sets up a huge clash between the 1986 Miami Hurricanes and the Noles. It looks like both teams will move on to the round of 16 but this game will be huge in the seedings.

Here are the standings as we move into Week 2

My beloved Gamecocks knocked off the Gators while the hated Clemson Tigers turned it over five times in their loss to the Hurricanes. Clemson and turnovers, where have we heard this before? Here is a closer look at both of those games.

World Cup of College Football

The World Cup kicks off in Brazil in a few weeks and I wish I was more excited. I am definitely a bigger soccer fan now than I have ever been but it still does not match the love I have for baseball or college football. The World Cup is special, the format of it is what I love and just how big it is to the world. It made me think of college football and what would happen if we had a World Cup of College Football.

Second and Ten Football is the latest football simulation game. It is the best one I have seen to date. It specializes in historical teams for both the NFL and college football. The number of teams and the accuracy of rosters is unparalleled. Beyond The Sideline Football, which is being released next year, is very promising but with a different purpose. BTS is about building a football dynasty as a GM, SAT is about coaching historical teams to a title. Given the fact that BTS is being made by the same people who made Out of the Park Baseball, it promises to be the best football simulation on the market when it comes to simulating how it feels to be an NFL GM. However, if you want to see if the 2013 Gamecocks could beat the 1981 Clemson Tigers, Second and Ten Football is the game for you.

Here is the plan, create a World Cup College Football Tournament using historical college football teams. I have just about every college football team at my disposal, picking 32 was not easy. The 32 I did pick were not necessarily the 32 best teams of all time, but they were the 32 most compelling teams of all time. Compelling to who? Compelling to me and hopefully to most of you.

If you are not familiar with how the World Cup works, let me explain. The World Cup Tournament has 32 teams in 8 different pools(divisions, conferences). Each pool has four teams. Each team plays all three teams in their pool for a total of three games. Based on record, point differential etc, two teams from each pool advance.

This leaves you with 16 teams. These 16 teams now square off in a single elimination tournament until there is a champion. It is great set up and now when you throw in college football, it is perfect. Here we go.

POOL A/ Big Ten

I had a tough time coming up with the most compelling teams from the Big Ten. I chose the Ohio State national title team that won many close games all season long in 2002 capped off by the upset win over Miami. 

The 1985 Michigan team has Jim Harbaugh at QB, This is a very underrated Michigan team.

1985 Iowa was #1 in the nation for a time behind QB Chuck Long and RB Ronnie Harmon. Harmon was dominant in college and had a really good NFL career.

1987 Michigan State has the great Lorenzo White and Andre Rison leading the way on offense. A forgotten team that can really play.


The 1983 Auburn is listed as the second greatest team in school history. They were #2 in the nation but were left out of the title game. Bo Jackson led the way. Compelling enough for you?

1964 Crimson Tide were led by Joe Namath and coached by Bear Bryant.

The 1969 Ole Miss Rebels were led by Archie Manning. The 30 for 30 special on the Manning family was incredible and it really educated me on just how great Archie was in college. He could do it all.

1959 LSU is as old school as it gets. They are led by Billy Cannon who had a famous run or two.

POOL C/ Eastern

The 1986 Penn State team shocked the heavily favored Miami Hurricanes for the national title. It was Joe Paterno at his finest.

Doug Flutie won the Heisman Trophy and made the 1984 Boston College Eagles one of the most entertaining teams ever to play college football.

My father would disown me if I did not give some love to the 1959 Syracuse Orangemen. They won it all that year with the help of a young running back named Ernie Davis. Ernie would become the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy two years later. My father was 13 years old and went to every home game that season. These were, and still are, his heroes.

Major Harris was always one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch and he made West Virginia very good in 1988. They would lose to #1 Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl

POOL D/ Southwest

I loved the 1983 Nebraska Cornhuskers. They were led by Turner Gill and were one play away from being national champions. Tom Osbourne elected to go for the win when a tie would have given the #1 Cornhuskers the national championship. They went for two and lost the game and the title to the Miami Hurricanes leaving Auburn out in the cold.

The 1982 Oklahoma Sooners are far from the best team in school history but it is the most compelling for one reason, Marcus Dupree. 1982 was his one big season in college. He was the best that never was.

We should call this the 30 for 30 documentary pool. The 1981 SMU Mustangs were the subjects of the documentary titled Pony Excess. They were led by Eric Dickerson and Craig James. A really fun team.

The 2005 Texas Longhorns took down the dominant USC Trojans behind Vince Young. It is easy to forget just how great Young was in college. 

16 teams are in, 16 more teams to go.

Pool E/ American

Lou Holtz and the national champion Irish lead the way in a very patriotic group. the 1985 Air Force team is the best in school history but are the huge underdogs in this pool.

1945 Army dominated like no other behind Doc Blanchard and Glen Davis.

1963 Navy is led by Roger Staubach in his Heisman Trophy season.

2009 Boise State, the ultimate BCS buster. Will they prove just how good they are when there are no polls involved?

POOL F/ Pac 12

2004 Southern Cal is the class of the pool but the 2010 Stanford Cardinal led by Andrew Luck will also be tough. Jim Harbaugh is the coach but is also playing in this World Cup with the 1985 Michigan Wolverines. Very interesting.

The 1987 UCLA Bruins are led by Troy Aikman but appear to be the big underdog in this pool.

1996 Arizona State is led by Jake Plummer and Pat Tillman.


This pool might be the strongest. Do not get too excited ACC fans. While these are all current ACC programs, only Clemson was in the ACC during these glory seasons.

The 1986 Miami Hurricanes are one of the great teams in college football history without a national title. They were upset by Penn State in a game where Penn State played perfect and Miami did not.

The 1981 Clemson Tigers won the national title. If you know a Clemson fan, chances are you are reminded of this every three seconds.

Michael Vick's best year in college was in 2000 and he makes the Hokies very dangerous.

The 1993 FSU Seminoles might be the best team in the entire tournament. Charlie Ward was one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch and the game against Notre Dame was a classic. I came real close to putting the 1993 Notre Dame team in the tournament over the 1988 team just for the great memories I had of that classic FSU/ND game from 1993.


I just had to include a second SEC pool to make all the SEC haters angry. It is what I do. Plus, I had to include my Gamecocks. I chose the 2011 Gamecocks because of the interesting and talented confluence of players that were still on that 2011 team. You had a freshman Jadeveon Clowney along with Marcus Lattimore, throw in a little Stephen Garcia, who was on his way out and a kid named Connor Shaw who was starting to emerge. Alshon Jeffrey was also there. Not too shabby. This was really a fun team who had that one awful home loss to Auburn. It is the last time the Gamecocks have lost at home.

I came close to going with a Tim Tebow Gator team but it was just too compelling to include a Spurrier led Gator team. HBC vs HBC in this pool.

The 1980 Georgia Bulldogs are an obvious selection and are led by Herschel Walker.

The 1997 Volunteers did not win it all but they were loaded. Tee Martin would guide a less talented team to the title the following year. These Vols were led by Peyton Manning. Can they find a way to beat Spurrier and the Gators. This sets up as a very interesting pool.

The tournament is set. It is time for your predictions. We will kick it off when the real World Cup kicks off in mid June. Updates will be on the blog and twitter @thepeskypole6  

Pick a pool and make predictions. Remember, two teams come out of each pool. Which two teams do you have coming out of each pool?

Vijay Singh Captures Fed Ex Championship

The first season of the All Time Greats PGA Tour Simulation is in the books as Vijay Singh wins the Tour Championship propelling him to win the season long Fed Ex Cup.

Arnold Palmer, fell just short of the Fed Ex Cup but was named 2014 All Time Greats PGA Tour Simulation Player of the Year.

Tiger Woods, despite having a disappointing season hold onto the #1 World Ranking.

All that is left is the Ryder Cup before we turn the page and look ahead to the 2015 season.

SeasonThe MastersThe US OpenThe British OpenThe PGA ChampionshipPlayer of the YearFed Ex Cup ChampionNumber 1 World Ranking
2014 All Time GreatsRory McIlroy -21Lawson Little -12Arnold Palmer -12Gary Player -15Arnold PalmerVijay SinghTiger Woods

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Gary Player Charges to Victory

Gary Player started the day two shots back of Arnold Palmer but fired a final round 66 to capture his first career major. Palmer, who had just won the British Open looked prime to capture the PGA Championship becoming the first multiple major winner on the All Time Greats PGA Tour. 

Next up is the Tour Championship at Cherry Hills Country Club. The top 30 Fed Ex point leaders will play. The Ryder Cup will take place two weeks later at St. Andrews.

The 2015 All Time Greats PGA Tour Season will start in February with over 25 events. Stay tuned for details.

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